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Somewhat of a n00b, quick question


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Um, hi. I am kind of a noob, I don't know if this impossible, thanks in advance.

Ok, so I would like to increase the Dedicated Video Memory on my computer. My first thought, check the BIOS. BTW, it's a Sony laptop. No there is no option that I could find in the BIOS. Next, check the driver settings, no option there. Checked a couple other places, to my avail, no result. I was wondering if there was some way to mod this number (I have 64 ded, up to like 384 or some obnoxious number) through the use of the drivers on this site. I really have no clue, and don't care what the risk is or what it takes. I have fairly advanced computer skills, I just don't know about driver editing, mostly cuz I'm scared. Ask me a question, and I will give you a detailed answer. No clue if this can be done, maybe we should find a way, because there are a lot of people out there with this issue, and if LV2G found a solution, well, yeah.

My laptop is at not risk. Complete and total protection plan on it, and all my data is backed up. Also, I tried asking Sony support. After a 45 minute hold time, they told me that it can't be done. I told them that I just wasted XXXX dollars on my computer because of False advertising? (Played dumb, hehehe.) So, they don't know. I heard that on some HP's, the bios must be unlocked to have all features, is this a possiblity?

Thanks a ton,


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Holy crap, I almost forgot:

Sony VGN-SZ460N

Nvidia Geforce Go 7400

My bad. I had a concussion earlier today...

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There is no way to increase the dedicated memory. That is what comes with your gpu and is different from shared system memory and is shared with your system ram. Therefore BIOS cannot do anything. 64mb ded and 384mb shared is normal for a 7400. So that isn't a problem.

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Except some hardware buffs - saw once someone had made his 128MB go5700 into 256 MB - and it was really fast :)

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