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Toshiba X205-SLI1


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Hello. My name is Wiam El Masry.

I have the Toshiba X205-SLI1.

I have installed Windows Vista Home Premium.

I am trying to play NBA LIVE 2004, but the game performance is very poor.

Even with FIFA 2008, I am having some performance problems.

I have set my VGA to the "force alternate 2 frames" rendering. Also I have the other 3d settings to a low level.

In my games also, I made the graphics settings low.

Yesterday, I downloaded the 174.31 drivers from your site, but still having problems..

Can you help me out?

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You should be getting a lot better performance than you are currently out of that GPU

There are some things i would do in your situation.


Change to driver:

177.79 or (maybe give stuttering as it did for me and my 8600 GT)

174.74. (what i am currently using)

I found these to be the better performing two of the collection.


Press the windows key and type 'msconfig' in the run box.

This will open your startup applications and services. Disable anything that you don't need.

Especially itunes/ quicktime any virus/ internet security software and cd copying tools.

As far as services go, you may want to do a google search for this. But you can always enable them again, so its not to much of an issue.


Overclock the card.

- Download rivatuner, and overclock it to anywhere between 500-600Core and 800-900Memory.

This will give 4-maybe 5 FPS extra for games.

Hope this helps


If this does not help enough.... shift to XP.


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