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What is it about these drivers that give such an improvment?


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I have a laptop with 8400m GS video card.

I was using 169.09 drivers before and tried to run crysis at 800x600 low settings and resulted in about 14FPS avg.

A few days ago I downloaded 177.89 drivers and now crysis is running at about 28FPS avg (doubled before!!)

What is it about the drivers that makes such big of a performance gain??

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That's a good question. As time progresses ( usually) people find better and more efficient ways of doing things. The same applies to drivers. Nvidia constantly tries to up the ante with every driver release although sometimes it doesn't work out as well as expected and bugs are found and so on. Performance- wise as later driver releases become available they tend to squeeze more and more juice out of GPU's resulting in increased performance. So that is most likely why you noticed such an increase in performance when you updated your drivers. If you are wondering what is in the drivers themselves they are (for the most part ) just varying values and features that can produce a performance boost in certain circumstances and environments. And that is where the modded INF comes in. This is what assigns these values into the driver when it is installed into the system and is why it is such an imperative part of its operation.

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A big performance boost usually means there has been some problem in the driver when handling some particular software - for instance many games have caused drivers to be enhanced - like Bioshock, Crysis, etc... ad infinitum.

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