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Guest Dmytry

Hello there

Here is my recently bought laptoo specs





Intel® Core2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.0GHz 3.0GHz

4.00 GB (RAM)

Windows Vista Ultimate (64bit)

8800m GTX SLI(2)

Its my first time asking a question on this forum about an issue that deeply concerns me, nuff said.

Ok my newly bought laptop seems to choke on any new drivers that i throw at it. I mean i would get installation done but SLI would not work.

It seems like there just arent any display drivers that can run SLI on my 64bit windows.

Rock support center hardly deserves its title, it gives me this driver version which i think is older than mammoth s***

So i come to you people out there in the hope of becoming a true gamer

what driver should i down load?

Any questions please ask

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Sli is notoriously finicky when it comes to drivers. The rock recommended ones are recommended because they support those and everything works, all manufacturers are like that sadly so its a case of trying all the versions and see how things go with each on your system specifically.

Your best bet would be to check for people with other systems (like the 1730M 8800 sli) that have found stable releases with their sli setup, start withg the latest releases and work backwards but the main thing is find a driver that works and does what you want, in the end a version number doesnt matter as long as it works for you. Benchmarks mean sod all so just go on your own experiences with games.

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