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8600 GTS and Wow crash / Freezes


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Hey there, ive lately experienced my wow crashed from time to time, for reasons i dont know, they come randomly, and have jsut started reasently ( got my new 8600 GTS few weeks ago, along with a new harddisk), using an old driver 158.xx because the brand new drivers mess up my wow graphics even more. anyone had the same experience or know what to do?

thanks in advance

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i know you state that new ones mess up the display.. but have your tired mid range.. like 175.** or 174.**?

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sNaKeEe: I've noticed you've managed to make 4 posts in your short time here in the forum. They definitely haven't added anything of value to any of the threads in which you've posted. Furthermore, you've just committed one of the WORST affronts possible in a forum -- namely to rag, slander, or flame-war another forum speaker -- and without reason! I'll assume that your age probably has a bit to do with your chat style, but we simply will NOT tolerate such conduct by any of our members or guests. You've been herewith warned! Any further actions of a similar nature will result in your banishment from the forum and deletion of your posts.

Chito is a new member and you felt called upon to flame him on his very first post. Good work.... :) I'm sure Chito would appreciate a simple apology.

We pride ourselves on providing a forum where each and every guest or member can express their thoughts, provided they stay within the boundaries of common courtesy, good taste, and online 'Netiquette'. [see Internet Basics 101 - Netiquette]. sNaKeEe please take note of points 1, 2 & 3!

Nuff' said?

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