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Having Issues Finding A Driver


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Hey I have been looking for an updated driver now for a while, my laptop has recently been giving me some issues.

I have a Sony Viao Laptop, its an AR 320 the model is PGN-8x2L. below are my specs.

Windows Vista 32bit Home Premium SP1, I have also been having troubles with windows updates they dont seem to want to install.

2 gigs of ram

IntelĀ® Core 2 CPU x2

Nvidia Geforce GO 7400 Currently Version

The problem Im having is that several programs have been giving me major issues and saying that I need to upgrade my video drivers, the programs being, wow, age of conan and just about all the other games i play. Any help in the matter would be great, this is really starting to be a pain haha.

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ok... well appart from the obvious issue, 7400 being a little weak in the gaming dept.

(im surprised you can actually play age of conan, even on minimum settings)

Updating a driver will increase performance.. but i don't think it will give you enough to make games playable.

you can try this link: Its the latest driver, apparently increasing performance up to 20% in some games.


download driver and modified INF file.

extract driver, then copy the modified iNF file to the folder you etracted the driver to. (say yes to overwrite)

run setup.exe

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