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8800M, Vista & XP performance

Guest BmcD

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I have a Clevo D901C based laptop. Q6700, 2x 8800M 1GB video in SLI mode. I have been playing the new Warhammer Online beta and experiencing numerous crashes during play. So I started testing different configurations to find out what the problem is/was and here is what I found.

I run Vista32 Ultimate w/ SP1. I loaded the latest version of the nvidia drivers from this site at the time (177.83). I have the latest version of the Realtek HD audio as well (202). I would lock up at least 2 times an hour I would say. So then I loaded the drivers that are WHQL from this site (177.41). Same problem. Then I loaded the latest drivers from sager site (176.02). Same problem. I think I locked up a little less but not much.

Then I loaded XP. Installed the 177.83 drivers with the 202 Realtek audio drivers. Not one single crash or lockup with an entire night worth of play, maybe 5 hours.

So then I decided to do some performance testing. I reloaded Vista32 from scratch and installed the 177.83 drivers and ran 3DMark06. I got 12800 or so 3DMarks.

I reloaded XP Pro w/ SP3 from scratch. I installed the 177.83 drivers and ran 3DMark. I got 13900 or so 3DMarks.

I decided to further my testing and loaded WMCE 2005 w/ SP3 and Rollup 2 from scratch. Installed the 177.83 drivers and ran 3DMark. I got 13800 or so 3DMarks.

I love the Media Center portion of Vista but with the crashing and performance hit, I am really having a hard time justifying it in my mind. As a side note, the audio on Vista when playing Portal is totally messed up. You can't even hear the voice at all. XP it works fine.

So my questions to all of you: have you had similar experiences? Is there a way to get better overall performance from Vista with regards to nvidia? Which drivers would you recommend and why? I am beside myself with how bad the performance hit is but I really don't know what to do about it other than dual boot and I really don't want to do that. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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All I can say is, Use XP. It performs better most of the time, and as you have experienced it can be much more stable. You should try XP x64 as well, it often runs games slightly faster than 32-bit.

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I cant offer any advice with the questions you have.

I, like you, have found vista a bit of a dog! Not quite the performance that i wanted from an operatng system.

I am now using XP 32-bit

(would be using 64 like michael suggested, but i would have to buy this myself, and i think my work should!! : )

I also considered duel boot, but in the end i deleted that partition and just use XP

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So I just installed XP x64 with the 177.83 drivers. 13300 or so 3DMarks. So somewhere between XP x86 and Vista x86 performance. I think I am just going to install XP Pro and go with that.

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So I repeated the test with Vista 32 bit w/ SP1 from a fresh install. I installed the 177.92 drivers and got 13161 3DMarks on my second run. I got 12900 3DMarks my first run. So I am still seeing about the same performance as before. Still not nearly as good as XP.

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