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My Computer Is Trying To Talk To Me


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Well, my computer never stops giving me surprises. Since they day I got it, I was surprised at how crappy a nVidia GeForce Go 6150 really is (understand that I was using an ATI Radeon card to which I do not know the name of because it was that old), Then (a few year later), the harddrive scratches itself, making 70 GB's of it unusable. I was able to get the perfect 80 GB for Windows Xp until HP shipped me a new one for free, those cheap bastards. Then my computer's backlight died so I sent it to them to fix it for free. And now, it's been okay except for one thing... It's been beeping. I don't know why, and it's been doing this for 6 months I believe, 2 weeks after I got my new harddrive and replaced it myself.

The Beep.

It only 1 beep, and it only beeps once for as long as it's on, and this doesn't occur at startup. It doesn't matter what OS I use, Windows XP, Vista, or Ubuntu, it never fails to beep. It only beeps when it has been on for a while, about 4-6 hours. I don't think it's heat related because Linux runs very cool on my computer. I believe it is somehow related to my harddrive because it never did it with it's old Hitachi harddrive. Now it has a Toshiba harddrive and it occasionally beeps. What is my computer trying to tell me? Is it telling me it's fine? My GPU/CPU is dying? Many transistors have failed? Help me o' mighty laptopvideo2go.com bloggers!!!

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I hate when computers talk to me too. But I warn them about it and they give me their word that they won't do it again. About the issue at hand. I really don't know why the beeping is occurring and it seems to be a very strange issue that can be caused by a multitude of factors. Your only option, as it seems is to ring 'those cheap bastards' and ask for help.

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Might there be some software watching HD temperature? You could use Notebook Hardware Control for instance and/or Speedfan to see if the beep is connected to certain temperature on some measuring point.

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