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August webstats


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Broken more records, but having a 7million+ hits day on the 29th helped

Driver downloads are way down, not sure why this is, anybody having issues ?



August Stats

Total Hits 60412793

Total Files 43003818

Total Pages 6411005

Total Visits 839578

Total KBytes 349277269

Total Unique Sites 456195

Total Unique URLs 6766

Total Unique Referrers 16449

Total Unique User Agents 8389

Drivers 4002GB

July Stats

Total Hits 53648706

Total Files 40846552

Total Pages 6581369

Total Visits 789693

Total KBytes 354249698

Total Unique Sites 443728

Total Unique URLs 5220

Total Unique Referrers 13611

Total Unique User Agents 8435

Drivers 5449GB

June Stats

Total Hits 55898023

Total Files 42116757

Total Pages 6940453

Total Visits 849744

Total KBytes 317760945

Total Unique Sites 491505

Total Unique URLs 5148

Total Unique Referrers 13812

Total Unique User Agents 8099

Drivers 4890GB

May Ststs

Total Hits 51594104

Total Files 38367333

Total Pages 6838795

Total Visits 1087425

Total KBytes 305107646

Total Unique Sites 455823

Total Unique URLs 5376

Total Unique Referrers 13477

Total Unique User Agents 7946

April Stats

Total Hits 48329031

Total Files 36464751

Total Pages 6691558

Total Visits 1242114

Total KBytes 328872956

Total Unique Sites 420158

Total Unique URLs 5527

Total Unique Referrers 13012

Total Unique User Agents 8204

March Stats

Total Hits 50694860

Total Files 37244364

Total Pages 5257530

Total Visits 1109005

Total KBytes 263892745

Total Unique Sites 443070

Total Unique URLs 5128

Total Unique Referrers 13342

Total Unique User Agents 8251

Drivers 6100GB

February Stats

Total Hits 46698084

Total Files 33103063

Total Pages 4548515

Total Visits 873487

Total KBytes 246080976

Total Unique Sites 396928

Total Unique URLs 5580

Total Unique Referrers 13874

Total Unique User Agents 7938

Drivers ?

January Stats

Total Hits 46721619

Total Files 32758760

Total Pages 4561684

Total Visits 840717

Total KBytes 292182249

Total Unique Sites 388634

Total Unique URLs 5563

Total Unique Referrers 14652

Total Unique User Agents 7688

Drivers 4639GB

December Stats

Total Hits 33040167

Total Files 24040519

Total Pages 3371980

Total Visits 578252

Total KBytes 199839229

Total Unique Sites 295984

Total Unique URLs 4422

Total Unique Referrers 11298

Total Unique User Agents 6393

Drivers 3680GB

November Stats

Total Hits 41956171

Total Files 29098894

Total Pages 4249843

Total Visits 774563

Total KBytes 192242025

Total Unique Sites 376622

Total Unique URLs 4243

Total Unique Referrers 12401

Total Unique User Agents 7668

Drivers 3961GB

October Stats

Total Hits 41113174

Total Files 28998739

Total Pages 3885469

Total Visits 728551

Total KBytes 194144485

Total Unique Sites 348223

Total Unique URLs 4339

Total Unique Referrers 11928

Total Unique User Agents 7268

Drivers 3937.55 Gig

September Stats

Total Hits 34491206

Total Files 24061397

Total Pages 3200599

Total Visits 579511

Total KBytes 176137194

Total Unique Sites 305594

Total Unique URLs 3988

Total Unique Referrers 9499

Total Unique User Agents 6803

Drivers 3274.15 Gig

August Stats

Total Hits 30533782

Total Files 21107095

Total Pages 3183401

Total Visits 594805

Total KBytes 174514062

Total Unique Sites 267595

Total Unique URLs 4953

Total Unique Referrers 9764

Total Unique User Agents 6447

Drivers 2341.37 Gig

July Stats

Total Hits 24362705

Total Files 17177272

Total Pages 3350333

Total Visits 578916

Total KBytes 140808667

Total Unique Sites 230042

Total Unique URLs 5392

Total Unique Referrers 8524

Total Unique User Agents 5947

Driver 1698.60 Gig

June Stats

Total Hits 21822595

Total Files 15238574

Total Pages 3421453

Total Visits 490616

Total KBytes 128016989

Total Unique Sites 197617

Total Unique URLs 4405

Total Unique Referrers 7765

Total Unique User Agents 5223

Drivers 1379.00 Gig

May Stats

Total Hits 19434055

Total Files 13050337

Total Pages 2658411

Total Visits 378310

Total KBytes 94788709

Total Unique Sites 184143

Total Unique URLs 2882

Total Unique Referrers 8607

Total Unique User Agents 4840

Drivers 1259.81 Gig

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Maybe because of holidays?

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mmm.. i have notices in the past 2 weeks a lot less questions posted. maybe we have worked our way through the earth's population of laptop users.. hahha.. umm no!

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I haven't downloaded because not many drivers have had posts about performance in games, and there's been a lot of drivers flying out all at once. In fact, a lot of the new stuff has no posts at all....

Most of the posts that do exist seem to be related to "i can't make this work" type of stuff, and that doesn't really help me to decide whether or not to upgrade.

Today tho, I'll try out the 177.98 XP drivers and post if they are good or bad for my games.

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