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Alienware bios password


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I'm coming here hoping that you may have some advices or solutions for my problem:

I was considering an upgrade for my Amilo Xi1554.

So I flashed my amilo with the m5790 bios. Everything runs fine during the flash and the laptop reboot normaly with the alienware logo on the boot page, but after that, i discover a message asking me a password to acceding the bios AND for booting normally withaout bios access. In fact, I haven't seen your message (and especially the important notice in the end) before and I let a password on the bios acces. I've tried to enter my password again and again, believing a bad joke and considering easy to recall parameter in bios or find something on the web for reseting the Bios but after 2 weeks, i've found nothing to disable this 2 fu... passwords (one for the bios wich's different from mine, and one for booting).

I've called Fujitsu's hotline with my bill to ensure that my laptop was clear, without telling them about the alienware bios, but the guy said to me that it was impossible to clear the password and the only solution was to change the mainboard or finding an illegal software to break it ( I've tried cmospwd 5.0, but it's impossible because my laptop don't boot on anything : floppy, CD, disk or whatelse)... After that I found on internet a guy who had, one day without explanation, a password on the boot (it seems to be a very rare bug). He called FSC hotline but they told him the same bul... like me, until he wrote to FSC mediation service. He was recalled by an FSC technical service to bring his laptop for repairing and the technician explain him that there is a secret combination of keys during the boot to clear the password. So I don't know what I can do today. I can't bring my amilo to the FSC helpdesk with the alienWare logo on the boot, so I come to ask you if you may have any solution. To be honest, I don't know if there is a solution but as you give the notice, i hope that you may know something about leaving a password during a flash...

many many thanks in advance

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I don't have a solution but it may be better if you post this in the support forum so that it will have more views.

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