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Black screen after installing drivers


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I've reinstalled my Windows vista premium 32bit (twice now) and after i installed my nvidia drivers i'm getting a black screen after 5-10 seconds when windows starts

This is how I tried to install them:

First installed windows, then my chitpset drivers etc.

After that i tried to install 177.79 driver. It installed succesfully but after the required reboot. I saw my desktop for about 5 seconds and then the screen turned black.

I rebooted in save mode, deleted the driver. Rebooted again in save mode. Runned driversweaper on the nvidia display. Rebooted again to normal windows. And tried to install a differend driver.

But the same thing happends again with all the drivers i tried.

I tried, 175.63, 177.41, 177.72, 177.73, 177.79 and 177.92.

Al gave me the same black screen after windows reboot.

The strange thing is that i had 177.41 running yesterday. And it worked smoothly. So i tried OCing it. Also went ok. Untill i wanted to test another driver. Now the 177.41 doesnt wont to work again.

Im downloading the official dell drivers to see if they work.

But im pretty lost now.

My system is located on the left.

Hope some1 can help....




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