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Ati HD 3650 in Fujitsu-siemens Amilo M1437G?


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Will the folowing card work in my notebook?


The 1437G is MXM type III and this card is type II, the amilo supports this type, but is it likely that i need to do some adjustments to the vga bios, of the laptops bios?

Because my x700 broke down and i badly need the laptop i want it to be fixed fast, so i don't want to many compatability problems..

With kind regards,


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I didn't buy the 3650, i thought it too risky..

I'm now waiting for a Ati Hd2600 to arrive from bodycount, so this thread can be closed i think..

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I didn't get it to work yet, because i am waiting for a bios. My 2600 is a pro version with 256mb ddr3. So unfortunately it is not an xt..

And i think my 2600 will not work in my laptop.. so it's bad luck for me and if the other bios also isn't working i will sell the card and buy me a new laptop..

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