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Nvidia Geforce go 5200 recommended driver?

Guest Mandeville

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Guest Mandeville

I've tried a few drivers, but haven't been able to find one that is compatible yet.

OS: Windows XP

Toshiba P25 S507 notebook

Nvidia Geforce go 5200 card

Any recommendations? The latest driver didn't work for me, and I gather it is because the 5200 series is no longer being carried.

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Use 169.47.

The Go5200 runs significantly slower with the 170 drivers. And you're right - support for FX 5200 series (both mobile and desktop) has been dropped as of the 177 series.

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I am using XP Media Center Edition Version 2002. How do I know whether to D/L the 32 bit or 64 bit driver?

Sorry, I am not very technically savvy.

right click my computer/properties/general and look at your system

mine says x64 edition for 64 bit if yours is 32 bit it will say nothing

edit: just a little too late DOH!!!

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