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Can't Install ANY driver


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I'm running a Toshiba Satellite P15 laptop with a Geforce GoFX 5100 as the graphics card and 32 bit Vista as the OS. When I first installed Vista (a little over a year ago) I changed from the crummy default driver to another driver off this site. I don't remember which one. All was well until I bought the game Scarface, which as it turns out does NOT work with Vista. (This was about a month ago.) I didn't realize that was the case at first, and thought the graphical problems could be fixed with new drivers. I came here and picked a driver (again, I don't remember which one) and installed it using a modded INF. There was some kind of error in the installation, and I had to roll back to different driver. The other driver restored Aero and my default resolution, but there were a few glitches which I've been ignoring for a month.

Today I came up with a different game, this time one that DOES work with Vista if it has the proper drivers. I looked at the box labeled "Driver Version" and was told I was running the Microsoft 6.0.6000.16615 driver. I attempted to download a new driver from this site, and it messed up my display even worse. I tried this a few times, picking different drivers off the site. I can't use system restore to go back to the original driver for some reason. I uninstalled the most recent driver, and am now back to the Standard VGA driver.

If this is a common n00b mistake, what am I doing wrong? What do I need to do before installing a driver?

Just in case this is any help (and I don't think it is, since it shows the Standard VGA driver working) I'm attaching my N.E.R.D. log.

Also, since I'm here, any suggestions for a driver for the GoFX 5100?



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Try the 158.45 drivers. I'm really amazed that vista runs on your system. Your card is not supported in the new (17x.xx) series.

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Wait, mistook your gpu for a older model. Your card is fine to run vista, just the new drivers won't work so try the 158.45 and see if it works.

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