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screen goes black during installation and stays that way


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this is the second driver that i have had this issue with. i tried the driver off nvidia's site, 175.32 (it was compatible with 8800m gtx) and the same thing happened with the driver 177.98 from this site (i used the modded inf).

what happens is this,

setup initiates, the progress bar gets about halfway then the screen flickers to black, resets comes back to normal then after a minute or two it goes black again and then stays that way permanently until i do a hard restart. after the restart the driver looks to be functioning properly.

by the way, the performance drivers off dells site work fine, but the drivers are too outdated to run spore with multiple gpu's.

anyone have any idea what is going on with my computer?


dell m1730

Intel Core 2 X9000 2.8ghz

4gb ram

8800m gtx sli

windows vista 32bit

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Looks like you didn't uninstall your previous drivers properly. Try doing a proper uninstall w/ driver sweeper and see.

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The 177.92 seem better though

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found the driver sweeper. that seemed to fix the problem. i used the uninstall from the device driver before and that had worked fine up until now.

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Glad you resolved your problem

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