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need help going dualscreen

Guest han310

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hey guys

I've been looking around a lot but haven't found a solution to my problem yet.

I have my laptop (NVidia GeForce 8400M G) hooked up to an external monitor (LG Electronics W1952) with a keyboard and mouse. So it basically is a desktop.

Since my external monitor is huge (21") compared to my laptop screen (14"), I wanted to use my external display as the primary instead of secondary.

When I try to go into dualview mode in NVidia Control Panel, it makes my laptop screen as the primary and LG screen as secondary even though I set it the other way around.

I have to fiddle around with it (switch to single view then back) to make it change back to the way it was.

So I installed the Forceware 177.98 driver from www.laptopvideo2go.com because apparently someone with the same problem as me solved it with the special drivers.

But I still can't get it. :)

If someone can please help me out here that would be great.


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In the Windows Display Properties window under the Settings tab there should be an option to change the primary monitor in a dual-screen configuration.

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