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k so now I think I reall screwed this thing up


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ok, so I used the driver agent program that this website has a link to, and it showed a few of my drivers out of date. I went to install one (can't remember exactly which one but it was the Nvdida driver that installs like 4 or 5 things. Clicked on "restart now" to uninstall the current drivers which is what the install wizard said needed to be done. Now when it reboots, it gets past the POST screen, gets to the Windows XP screen then just goes blank. When go into advanced options and choose "vga mode" it gets me to my login screen, with the mouse cursor on the monitor but I can't move the mouse to select a user and the tab key won't move to a user, it basically freezes up. Please help me I wish I could be more specific about what I did, but I can't get into the laptop to say. BTW it's an Acer Aspire 7520 which I removed Vista and installed XP. It was working great until I did something with the driver.

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can you get into safe mode to do a system restore?

I can get it to enter safe mode, but again it asks me to choose a user and I can't use the mouse to do so,can't click enter or use tab but it does boot up into safe mode until the logon screen

tried using xp disk to repair install, but it asks for an admin password, which during install it never asked me to set, so I'm kinda screwed there too

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