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Small problem in Crysis


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Hey guys.

Just a small issue I have in Crysis. I can't seem to skip the opening credits of the game, when it lists all the different companies involved in the making of Crysis such as Crytek, Nvidia etc

In addition I can't seem to access the console.

Anyone else having these minor issues???

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Yes, I get one of these issues in some games (never played crysis and wouldn't dare to on this computer). I cannot open the console in some games. However, from playing far cry, I know that I cannot skip the original credits (if i remember correctly) so that part is normal.

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If you want, you can probably re-install crysis and see if the console functions as it should.

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Are you guys having crappy vista issues or something?

The game loads a few intro logos (nvidia, ect) then you go straight to a menu. On first play it will play a video, then go in game. No credits.

You should pick up some 169 series drivers or better. I bet we will see some drivers for Crysis warhead soon (less than a week), try those or the original ones recommended for Crysis.

The console I think is accessed by an odd key.

http://www.rediscussed.com/2008/01/01/how-...crysis-console/ (well ok thats not odd, most UT engine games us that one)

This may come in handy.


There must be something seriously wrong if your pc can't run those videos though. I bet the UT3 videos wouldn't run if Crysis's don't.

You could also try re-installing or lowering the settings some more.

You guys do have the patches installed I assume.

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err yeah Bill this isnt a major problem. I dont have issues playing the game but its just the opening logos. I can't skip the logos and I have been able to before. I have also been able to access the console. Its just a bit annoying as each time I start the game, I have to sit through all the logos. Im not prepared to reinstall Crysis really, its just a small issue I can cope with but that will probably work, so thank you Andrew55.

Ill have a look at the links you posted and we have the patches.

Thanks for the help

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Its not that hard to backup the saves, re-intall and copy them back over.

You may be able to just uninstall and have it keep your saves, then re-install and they will still be there. (I would still back them up though.)

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I know but I cannot really be bothered. I'm going to University soon so I'm not going to playing this much!!! I'm not really bothered by it, I just wandered if there was a quick solution.

Thanks for the suggestions though Bill.

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