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Clocks reset in rivatuner with 8400m G


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I've tried using 167.xx drivers, 169.xx, 177.xx, and it always resets, now I've read something about XP not allowing overclocking with divers above 100.xx, however I'm using Vista 32bit, and I was wondering if that has the same validity.

Also whenever I try to use a modified driver, Vista restarts with a black screen, and I have to boot into safe mode, and uninstall the driver.

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every operating system is able to overclock.

Some cards/systems are stuck to BIOS settings for the clock rates, and others can use driver settings/ software to modify these clock rates.

a few things (may have been told before) some people have stated that their acer 5900 sries laptops just wont set to an overclock rate... this may be the same for your system.

1) Uninstall the current driver, then install the new one. (may have to boot into safe mode, then run an application called driver sweeper, then boot normal mode, and install new driver)

2) Make sure its pluged into the mains (almost all systems will not stay at the overclock on battery mode)

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I had to update to 167.97, then downgrade to 101.17 for it to recognize my card as 8400m G instead of 6100. Now I can overclock.

One final thing.

Are there any draw backs to using an older driver. Also my card is running at 80C minimum and 86C when pushed to max.

I overclocked it for kicks and at 565/880 it only goes up to 91C max.

What are the heat tolerance for these cards. My laptop seems to be rather cool though (internal heat), it's a big laptop anyway.

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did you try the 'have disk' method? when you click update driver in the system preferences, you can select advanced then select driver from a list. you should be able to select the driver you want. should have your card there as an option.

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yeah. The chip is tested to 120 Oc.. But anything over 90 is pretty high on a laptop, over 100 and i would be seeking warantee support

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