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Do GeForce 7150m/nForce 630m display drivers include the [nForce] chipset drivers?


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"I wake up every day, right here, right in Punxsutawney, and it's always February 2nd, and there's nothing I can do about it."

I have to perform a complete factory restore every few weeks/months on my HP Pavilion dv9723cl with an nVidia GeForce 7150m/ nForce 630m running Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP1 if I want even the most basic video functions to work. The mere act of opening Roxio (after a fresh install of the software and restart) shouldn't cause video memory problems especially when the same program worked totally fine with the same driver just minutes earlier and works totally fine with the same driver after a factory restore. The problem seems like the chipset storing certain video files that it never dumps until the video memory becomes so full of permanent files it cannot fun anything.

So here's my question: 1) Do the display drivers (like the most recent 177.98) also include the chipset drivers (like the driver for the PCI system management device)? 2) If so, then do I also have uninstall and delete each included drivers or just uninstall and delete the main display driver? If not, then can I try to mod the INF of the 15.24 nForce drivers from the nVidia website? 3) Do the newest display drivers (the drivers in the 170s) resolve the PowerMizer problems or do we still have to fix it with the regedit for them?

I need to perform a factory restore soon and this time I want to make sure I have all of the driver issues resolved and maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I'll wake up at it won't be Groundhog Day any longer.

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funny post... i feel your pain.

1)video device driver only contain infomation about the drive you are installing. It does have link files, but these do not contain any info about other devices. Now if i were you i would uninstall the current driver before installoing a new one.

2) You can always modify the inf file of the driver to add or take functions away. totally up to you.

3) powerizer has not really been resolved. I will always be modifiying my registry to stop this function.

But.. if you re doing a factory restore, i would suggest trying a format and then fresh installation of windows..

** Not the factory restore CD.

Before you do this make sure you at least have the display and network/ wireless driver working so you can download any other driver you do not have backed up.

I really dont like factory installs as it copys a lot of other crap you dont need

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Thanks. As a follow up, should I install the driver for the GeForce 7150m or the nForce 630m first or does it not really matter? Isn't it a just a wee bit confusing that the display driver listed for "GeForce 7150m/ nForce 630m" is not a driver for the nForce 630m and why is it so difficult to find nForce drivers? Isn't the driver for the memory management device as, if not more, important than the driver for the memory consuming device? Seriously, it shouldn't be this difficult to play video files on a device designed to play video files with a video card designed for the device's operating system.

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I also have the same HP laptop with the 7150-630m. The chipset drivers are not included in the video drivers. The latest version for the chipset is 15.24 for the desktop 7150-630i released sept 12,2008, which will work in the mobile 630m. Download and extract the files directly from the nvidia site. Go to device manager to update nforce system managment controller and nforce pci management controller drivers. When prompted click browse my computer for driver then browse for the folder that you extracted the new drivers to. Thats it....updated mobile nforce drivers. Also try video driver 177.98 with whitetigerx7's HP/Compaq inf released today. Great results so far...idleing at 49c with powermizer off reg tweak. (Yes, you still have to disable powermizer in the registry). Best performance from any driver/inf to date!

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