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Samsung R560 - GPU clock blocked when in battery mode


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Hey guys,

I have a GPU related issue here that somehow cannot be solved - by me. ^^

I have the 175.97 nvidia drivers installed (from the Samsung page) and nvidia performance to overclock it.

The first problem I face is that the saved clockrate 650/950/1650 will only apply if I boot with A/C plugged. When booting Vista with the A/C plugged the clockrate is right and the GPU underclocks when there is no need for 3D power and sets the right clockrate (650/950/1650) when 3D power is needed. When I then unplug the A/C cable and run my Samsung R560 in batterymode it works flawless as if it was in A/C mode. It sets the clock right just as it is needed - perfect! When booting to Vista in batterymode no chance to get the clockrates set right! It stays default...

But here's the BIG thing: When I boot in battery mode there is no chance to get the right clockrates in 3D mode, not even the default ones, the clock rates stay underclocked no matter what I do. It doesn't matter whether I plug in the A/C cable or use it in battery mode, I first have to reboot with A/C plugged for being able to play a 3D game... :)

That's what I would wish...

1) Overclocked GPU (650/950/1650) no matter which way I boot up my system.

2) Underclocking when no 3D power is needed (A/C and battery)

3) GPU overclocking to 650/950/1650 when 3D power is needed (A/C and battery)

I mean it has to be possible right? I did not buy a gaming notebook if I'm just able to play in A/C mode... oO

Your help is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!


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