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Acer aspire 7520g graphics problem.


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I've got an Acer Aspire 7520g

AMD turion 1.9ghz dualcore - 3gb ram - Nvidia Geforce 8400M G Turbocache - Vista home 32bit with SP1.

I've just reset it, reinstalled everything - and i'm having problems with the graphics. I installed the Nvidia Chipset driver from Acer's download site (Chipset_nVidia_V1311.Vista_SP1)

but it's not working as an actual driver. I installed the "VGA(Roll back)_nVidia_V7.15.11.6749(WHQL)_Vista_SP1" From their site aswel, as i was told to when i called their support - but it caused spontanious crashes (just turning off instantly - like pulling out the plug), So i uninstalled that again.

That is the Nvidia related drivers there's to be found on acer's site for this graphics card - so i'm lost now. I tried taking a look at Nvidia's site aswell, but they don't have a driver for this specific card.

I've tried the newest driver from this website, but still got ALOOOOOT of lag, in a game like World of Warcraft, even on lowest settings.

This is the 2nd time i've formatted it and reinstalled, and i haven't installed a driver from this site yet after the latest reset - so what do you guys reckon i'm gonna have to do, to make it run smooth like a baby's behind?

It might be worth mentioning that - (i'm trying to translate from danish) at the app in Vista where you've got an overview of all the hardware and drivers, the graphicscard has a little yellow "!" and it says that it can't find enough resources. I'm wondering if i'm having a hardware failure or?

Ask if there's anything you wanna know please :)

Regards and thanks in advance - Søren Made

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I have the same problem. Games that should play easily on this laptop doesn´t. (Aspire 7520G) Major lags even with lowest grapichs settings. It is not all the time... it plays smoothy like 3 mins thant 5-15 seconds major lag and then smooth again.

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Guest bingbing

same, mine lags like crazy from time to time. mine lags during streaming on web, cant watch hi-def video's. cuz a 4 min video will last 5 min cuz of the lag :(

i've searched the web for solutions, but it computer itself is the problem. the graphic card + ram is the problem. they put a cheap arse technology in it, and it just ended up ruining this laptop... its because of the "Turbo-Cache" function. building up memory for the cache = creates the lag and uses the memory to fix the workload it made itself :(

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