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Resolution change by itself...


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Hi folks,

I have sony vgn-fz280e including geforce nvidia 8400M-GT, the driver that I read from divece manager is

with the date of 5/11/2007. And I dont play games, only work on math and word like programs and watch films.

My problem is that, when I made my laptop goes on sleep mode and tried to roll back it the screen resolution changes and makes it 800*600 or something strange so that almost all of my desktop icons moves somewhere around due the change in the screen. I tried to read from some forums and I got that may be it is driver related, so I came up here... do someone else faced with that prob? Do you think its because of driver? Which driver can someone tell me the best for me ?

Second problem is not related with the topic but maybe someone knows, I wanted to s in "detail" format in all the directories how can I make it with vista? When I made it -from control panel-and say save ...for each dire..." it did not work. I dont know why but after a while the same directory always turns "icon view" which makes me crazy! This might be related that when this happens my vista could not recognize some of the file types I have to let vista to understand that for mp3 it has to use winamp...every time...making me sick...

I dont have any problems in the system please dont tell me to format...

See ya!

and thanks in advance..

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This driver is quite old... I would recommend cleaning it off using Driver Sweeper and then installing 177.92. This may fix your problem.

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