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Dell Vostro 1500/Inspiron 1520 with 8600m GT


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To all those that own a Dell Vostro 1500 or an Inspiron 1520 with the Nvidia 8600m GT, write down the version # of your drivers, along with your experiences with it, good or bad. Add which Windows you are using and which driver (if you have used many), has given you the best results in gaming, Windows Aero, and all around everything else. Thanks!

My computer as an example:

Dell Vostro 1500 with Vista 32-bit

Drivers 169.04

3D Mark 06: 3576

- Runs good all around, can't say I've noticed any problems except maybe choppy Windows Aero at times... Run Crysis at Medium settings getting about 25 FPS...

If anybody has better drivers then these, please post! Thanks!

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I have a Vostro 1500 with 8600m GT. I run Windows XP 64-bit and use driver version 177.92 (ATM). My performance is quite good. Back when I played Crysis, I would get 30+ FPS at 1024x768 using mainly Medium settings (but with a low and a few highs in there, too.) My 3dMark06 score (at 1280x1024) was about 3700. My only major problem (which, by the way, occurs with all drivers) is DPC latency spikes, and therefore audio skipping, caused by Nvidia Powermizer, which I have turned off to stop the skipping.

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Vostro 1500

Processor T7250 @2 GHz



driver: 177.92

overclock: GPU 550Mhz Memory 450MHz

Powermizer: Off

3Dmark06: 4120

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I've got an inspiron 1520 and currently using 169.44, the reason being I get downclocking on the 170xx drivers. Disabling powermizer did not work for me, so unfortunately stuck with drivers which haven't got great performance.

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So basically, the 177.92 seems to be the best version out there. Does it have any problems with Windows Aero? Have there been significant increases from previous driver versions? Would they be highly recommended as "you should have these drivers and not others"? Hmmm... :)

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I Installed the 177.92 vista 32 bit drivers... Windows Aero is 0.1 point better, Crysis runs much better (some setting on high and some medium... on 800x600 resolution) and yup, they seem to be the best up to now!

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dell inspiron 1520

8600m GT 256mb DDR2

3dmark 06 free version default (1280x1024)

(forceware driver) 167.62: 4167


169.62: 4125

169.44: 4124

169.47: 4131

176.40: 4274

176.68: 4280

176.75: 4276

178.46: 4316

Dox?s 180.44: 4221

180.70: 4348

all at OC 650/525

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Back when I had my Vostro, 650/525 was the max stable overclock, and 177.92 or 175.19 were the best drivers I used.

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