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8600m GT Heat Issue [Urgent]


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This is the only solution. You most likely have a defective card which is in need of replacement.

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*Content deleted by user*

Reason: Wasn't really relevant, since it.....wasn't relevant.

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GOOD NEWS! (Finally.....if you want the main point, scroll down, if you want the story, keep reading.....*sigh*)

I called the Zepto partner site where I bought my laptop from, and the service was surprisingly fast; ½ a minute and an employee was ready to fix stuff. However, he didn't really know much about issues like this, so he told me that I should call the main Zepto support company instead. Sure, why not, I can live with that.

I got the number of the main Zepto support, and called them. They where apparently busy, because it gave me the busy tone. And again after a few minutes. I searched for some information about them, and it seemed like they were busy most of the time according to other Zepto owners. Very well then.....but I have to keep trying. So I called again after a few minutes, and they answered; Or at least, their machine did. It sounded so simple: "Welcome to Zepto customer service. For technical questions, press 1. For reparations and technical support, press 2. For *blablablablabla*, press 3.".

I pressed 2. Some comfortable music started playing. The machine spoke to me again after a few minutes. "You are now in line for the Zepto technical support."

Hold on; What?! I sighed, but hoped that I would get in contact with someone sooner or later.

5 minutes passed.

15 minutes passed.

30 minutes passed.

40 minutes passed. FINALLY! SOMEONE WAS ABLE TO PICK UP THE PHONE! Good thing I'm a patient person.....I talked to a guy and told him everything about the possibility that my GFX card might have been a faulty one, and that the temperatures were waaaay too high. I also told him that the computer should shut down or something at around 95c, but he responded: "Mm-no, that's not entirely true. The computer's BIOS is designed to shut down at 107c to prevent damage, but you're absolutely right, it shouldn't get near those temperatures. You lived at *censored*, yes?" "Yes." "Well then, I've sent you a letter and a package, it should arrive in 1-2 days. Pack your laptop and send it back to us, and we'll have a technician fix it for you."

TAH-DAH! So I'll wait and see what they'll do.....

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Great, be sure to tell us the outcome!

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