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Velocity Micro/Asus C90 8600M GT Overclocking


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Ok, i've seen alot of ppl with this GPU: 8600M GT 512MB GDR2 on these fourms. i've seen ppl with clocking settings that for some reason i can't get even when using the same drivers. Currently im useing the 178.13 driver vista 32bit with the modified inf file. I just want to know with this driver of any of the one's before it, what is the max i can overclock my GPU to, i currently have it clocked at 500 core 1250 shader and 480 memory. the system specs are:

Processor E6600 2.4 dual core

GPU: 8600M GT 512


Power: 90W AC Adapter

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I have a 256-megabyte DDR2 8600m GT in my laptop, and I can overclock it (without any artifacts or pixel delta errors in ATItool) to 600/1400/500. You can push the core farther before it starts showing visible artifacts, but 600 was the fastest I could get it without pixel delta errors. Also, the shader might be able to go higher than 1400. I have never tried. At this level of O/C, it never gets any hotter than about 75, without a laptop cooler.

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do you have the same exact notebook as i do. i have the micro volicity/asus c90 with a desktop e6600 2.4 dual processor and the 512mb 8600M GT DDR2. im not sure but i think because i have a desktop processor in my notebook, i can overclock my gpu because i would take more power. IDK

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Guest Morris Lee

it should be fine, i oced mine to 625/1250/450 core/shader/mem respectively, not much temperture change from stock speed, so don't worry. a safe clock settings for most people would be 575/1150/450 that is my assumption from the detailes I have read from most 8600m gt overclockers.


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