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8400M GS slow framerates in games that should be 30+


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My 8400M GS plays many modern demanding games just fine (such as World in Conflict, Crysis, Timeshift, etc...) at medium/high settings.

But, it falls short in areas that I wouldn't expect. Games that should run fine, like Resident Evil 4, run at a 15 FPS max, in areas with no enemies! Now, I'm using custom textures in RE4, but that shouldn't matter too much, since I have 256MB dedicated, plus turbo cache memory. My laptop has decent specs (1.83 GHz C2D, 3GB RAM), so I don't understand why this is happening. Also, Need For Speed Underground 2 runs fine on max settings, but once every 5 seconds or so it stutters. I know it can run these games at high settings, since they're both 3 or more years old. I just need to figure out why. I've tried different drivers, too.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

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I have a 8400M GS as well but it is 128 MB instead of 256 like yours. I was having the same framerate problem your having with some of my older games, in particular Fable TLC. I tried a few different drivers and the one I found that solved my problem is 177.98, it gave me much better framerates in Fable. I'm not sure if this will work with other games but this particular driver worked for me so it might solve your problem as well.

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