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Battery In When Plugged In?


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When I play games on my laptop I plug it into the wall and play. I never take the battery out of the lappy. Is this bad? Should I be removing the battery when plugged in when it needs no charging. Or does it not make a difference?

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li-Ion batterys only have a certian amout of times they can be charged. (will depend on the spec of the battery) But they no longer have a memory like the old skool ones did. so you dont need to make them go flat to get the best charge out of them. Over a period of 2-3 years you will notice the amout of charge time is deminished considirably. So if you intend on keeping it for a long time, then take the battery out.

I wouldnt bother tho.

If you dont use the battery then that will kill it. they need a certian amout on charge to keep alive. If this is 0% for more than a few hours. Then you will need to get it reconditioned/ or buy a new one.

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Ok, well the batterys always charged and i leave it in, and i only use it rarely. like 1-2 times a month using the battery. And if it will take 2+ years for it to be a noticeable effect it doesent bother me, cuz I plan to buy a laptop every 1-2 years and then once i get my ~ Real Job ~ after schooling ill be buying a laptop every year and a desktop 1nce a year with multiple upgrades to keep on the cutting edge. Yes I love to fritter my money away on this sh@t. However not right now, only once i get a job were i can use it as a excuse.

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