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Stock Exchange doom and gloom


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2 days of doom on the Nasdaq has seen the already ailing NVIDIA stocks fall to levels not seen probably since its early days.

With in the last last year it has fallen from $40 to now $7.24

Below is todays close, may do it everyday for a while.


Do I make plans to mod ATI card drivers just incase there are no more NVIDIA based Notebooks :)

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This would be prime-time for Intel to buy NV.

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Intel will just wait and buy it for a $1 as it cannot get any loans from any banks :)

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Would Intel even need a loan? This thing is sounding kind of like the issue IBM had with its Deathstar drives. A series of bad products reduces the profitability of the line for a while, but then it gets sold and returns to profitability. I think Intel might buy Nvidia because DAAMIT is already having enough troubles with its own acquisition. Besides, it would be a Monopoly if AMD owned both major graphics companies.

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