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Acer Aspire 5920G New Bios v1.3813


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Hi people,

today i´ve found these new Acer Aspire 5920g bios on their Site:


My 8600m gt in my 5920g often hangs because of temperature problems, so i must shut down and restart it.

Sometimes, it didn´t hang, but downclocks it self so my games are very slow, until i restart my laptop.

These Bios should fix the Thermal problem, i already try it and post again later, if the problem is gone.

Sry for my Bad Englisch iám from Germany :)



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sorry to tell you, from my test, that did not fix the problem, reverting back to 3508 works flawlessly for me, but I have a 65mn cpu, if you have penryn based cpu, you can't use 3508, as for the CPU-id's are not added into the bios yet. I know the downclocking problem is annoying, but if you have t5XXX or t7XXX series cpu, revert to that bios I mentioned above, all problems are gone, overclocking works too. only issue I am experiencing with this bios is the key board seem to have some trouble regonizing me typing a key 2 or more times, I am assuming it is because I am used to my aspire one's keyboard which is alot lighter to press.

Morris Lee


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Hi again,

I have testet it yesterday and the GPU Temps are:

Idle: 60

In games: 85

I´ve a T9300 CPU in my aspire.

I also have noticed, that my laptop fans, (cooler?) often turns on with this Bios.

The Temps are the same with older Bioses, ive thought, that the Hang up, has something to do with my GPU, but it has the same Temperature as before.

Yesterday i played 4 hours, and it didn´t downclock for me and no hang ups / no restart needet because of the laptop stops.

Maybe it was just luck, i go on to check it the next days and post again later.

I´ll check the Cpu Temps, maybe my problem had something to do with it.



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Guest Chris74656


after a few days of testing, my problems with downclock and overheating are gone with this new Bios.

My System is:

Aspire 5920G


8600M GT 512

The CPU caused the Problem for me, it went too hot, now it runs fine.

Hope, i could help. :)



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i have the exact same overheating problem and will test the bios here is a working link (acer site is down alot) http://kooola.nl/v1.3813.zip

my cpu and gpu was 108 celcius and 90 celsius monitor''d with Realtemp and evga precision

i have another fujitsu siemens xi2528 notebook and that cooling is way more capable off cooling stuff if i look @ both this fuji laptop is max 68celsius with burn test :>

acer made bad cooling and the fan sounds like a jet engine


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