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Alienware m5550 with Nvidia 8600m GS

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I'm having a problem that I thought someone might be able to help me along with, I've searched the previous posts, and there are similar problems, but none quite the same. Basically my alienware m5550's geforce go 7600 died a short while ago, it was just out of warranty, therefore they wouldn't even touch it over there. They advised me to reinstall Vista, which I did, making the problem even worse, as it couldn't finish the reinstall in safe mode, which is the only way it would run with the burnt out video card. After quite a bit of research it seemed that the best replacement in terms of compatibility and spec would be the Nvidia 8600m GS, which I bought, and fitted. Now it finished the install, but will only run in VGA, with the device manager not even recognizing the card is there at all. I know that people have made this card work in systems identical to mine, so think it's some driver related problem (possibly the chipset), or a problem with the BIOS (I have 2.07, some people advise that I should have 2.06). Are there any suggestions out there? as anyone had this problem before, and solved it? Also, without getting it from alienware, as I cannot log onto their site, is there a way to get the older BIOS?

Thanks in advance.

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try different motherboard bios' yes, but not very safe, make sure there are no programs running when you update bios, (just taskmanager disable all the unecessary ones such as MESSENGER lol) but good luck, you got the card to display something, so the card should be working, make sure you have the driver modded with the inf though

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