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Stock updates on main page?


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IDK call me crazy, but I am not really interested in stock quotes when I come looking for drivers and techy stuff. I feel like its fairly pointless clutter on the main page, detracting from the primary reason I visit the site. I know you're looking to add content, but quality > quantity and Stock quotes/updates imo don't belong here.

Go ahead flame me if you must.

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Just trialling stuff without trying you'll never know :)

So I take it your not happy with them then :)

I wasn't going to do any more as I wasn't happy with the look.

But good to have this feedback, need more of it.

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Yah wasn't trying to be an arse or anything was just my 2 cents...Good to try things I guess :)

I am loving the new site design though and stuff... well done.

Another thing I didn't know where to put this comment specifically? Maybe a feedback thread would be a good idea I don't know???

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