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GF 9650M GT & Vista x64


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Hey there all.

I was looking of forum, but I didnt find anything.

Im searching for good drivers for GF 9650M GT, because standard drivers are really bad.

Even WoW is freezing a little, an it shouldnt on notebook like X57Vn.

Everything is very good, also 4GB RAM on board, and I dont know why games are running so bad.

I think beacuse of bad VGA drivers.

Anyone know, when will be modified drivers by laptopvideo2go team, for 9650N GT?

Cheers :)

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Get the 178.13 from the forums with the custom inf.

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You mean those one:


Theres nothing said about 9650. Are You sure they will work?

I think they wont even install.

Or maybe You mean to download it, and download some custom inf?

But I dont know how to make this custom inf to work with my graphic card.

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You should extract the 'inf' file from the mentioned driver version and install it manually (As in clicking on 'update driver' in Device Manager of the gpu and then directing windows to the 'inf' file itself).

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Here what I did:

1. Downloaded 178.13 for Vista x64

2. Unpacked it

3. Went into Device Manager

4. Choose my graphic card from list

5. Tried Update It, and I could only choose the folder, couldnt choose specific INF file

6. And I still got old driver :)

Here is the screen:


And I dont know where I made a mistake.

Please help me :P


Okey, I downloaded modified INF, put it into unpacked folder, and runes setup, and its working :)

I want to know how to enable the PowerMizer, or where can I find it?

Are 9650 supporting it?

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