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Need of Detailed Assistance with DELL/7800 GTX GO Situation


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Alright I have my specs from my avatar/sig area to the left. But simply put:

Issues/Background Info:


I have a laptop from Dell, the 9300, which originally came with the 6800 Go.

I bought the 7800 GTX Go from Balthazar from Notebookforums quite a while ago, and used the provided Dell XPS2 Bios hack to allow that GPU to work in my 9300, so essentially my 9300 thinks its a XPS2 laptop.

I have used the 83.40 LaptopVideo2Go drivers for quite a while as they are bug free, except the only reason this is an issue... I want to play MOHAA (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - PC) again, and it does not like the 7800/driver (loads up, then crashes back to desktop).

Take note, MOHAA worked on my 6800 Go before upgrading, so possibly it could be something with the driver, which I think it is.



I am curious about a few things:

I have read in some very random forums on the internet that individuals with nVidia gpu's have gotten MOHAA to run with a program called nHancer. This program installs, but cannot start because of a .xml file not being in the application data/nvidia folder. (Most likely related to the driver).

However, it would be nice to avoid having to use nHancer to get MOHAA to work, if I had a newer driver for my gpu.

Should I use this driver?

ForceWare Release 167 BETA

Version: 167.51

from nVidia themselves,


LaptopVideo2Go 169.04


LaptopVideo2Go XP_178.13

or another driver besides those.

Keep in mind I also play source games like Team Fortress 2 (TF2), and will play L4D in late November.


I know this is a complicated issue (at least to me), and any and all assistance will be very graciously appreciated!

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