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Do you think this laptop is a good upgrade?

current laptop basic spec:

dell xps m1710

Vista x86

2.0 core duo

go 7900 gs 256mb

2gb ram

possible new laptop

Rock Xtream 770 basic spec:

Vista x64

2.6 core 2 duo

8700m gt 512 mb

4gb ram

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In gaming (based on 3DMark06 results) you get probably 50-60% more fps - I'd personally seek for at least 8800M based laptop.

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Get the new 9800M GT when it comes out in a few weeks or get a 8800M GTX. (the new 9800M GT might be significantly faster/have more ram than the 8800M GTX)

You can always upgrade to SLI later if you get the SL8 model instead.

If you get that one you should go for one of the quad cores.

Even the cheap ($190) Q6600 is really good.

If I were you I would buy it without an OS and put XP or XP64 on it.

Since Rock doesn't appear to sell the laptops without an OS, I wouldn't buy from them if I were you.


You should find a Clevo reseller that gives you more purchasing options.

In my opinion if your going to game and get a 17 inch you should go for the SLI model (the D901C like I have).

Even if you don't get SLI now, you can upgrade later, and even a cheap quad core runs circles around the more expensive laptop dual core CPUs. (the Q6600 can also run at 3 GHz.... :) )

You should ask on those forums about the best places to buy Clevo in your country.

Also, make sure you snag a WUXGA, and maybe a 3 HDD RAID0 too. You can't go wrong with 3x250GB or 3x320 GB hard drives. Its really fast and affordable.

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