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180.20 is out there, for Big Bang II


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Found the below while doing a google for 180.20 (180.10 is a weekly build).

The below is a Google translation so excuse the dual language's

But you will note the driver used is 180.20

Found/translated from here

Big Bang II combat new driver SLI, dual GTX 280 well looked after

PCPOP recently issued by the article, saying they have not been released by using the next generation of Intel processors Core i7-965, ASUS P6T Deluxe, as well as two GTX 280 and GTX 260 for two 3DMark Vantage test, in default under result the frequency of doing very well. 当然,获得X8859的得分在ORB上面并不算什么高分,但是这可是我们在网络上发现的首个SLI成绩呢! Of course, the X8859 was scored in the ORB and above what is not high, but on the network but we found that the first results SLI it!

值得注意的是,这是首个并没有采用NVIDIA芯片支持的SLI成绩。 It is worth noting that this is the first chip did not support the use of NVIDIA's SLI performance. 在今年的7月14日,NVIDIA曾经表示将会和主板厂商合作,允许厂商通过加载NF200芯片的方式在X58上进行SLI。 In this year's July 14, NVIDIA has said that the motherboard manufacturers and will allow manufacturers to load through the NF200 chip in the X58 on SLI. 但由于NF200芯片过于昂贵而且要重新设计PCB才能将其加入,此举遭到各大主板厂商的反对,在压力下NVIDIA被迫让步,在8月28日的NVISION08上表示将提供认证方式 ,通过BIOS内置密匙,利用驱动认证后启动SLI,不必重新设计PCB以采用NF200芯片。 However, due to too much NF200 chip and expensive to redesign the PCB to be able to join the move was against all the major motherboard manufacturers, NVIDIA was forced to make concessions under pressure, on August 28 in the NVISION08 that will provide authentication, Key built-in BIOS, the use of certified driver to start after the SLI, do not have to redesign the PCB to adopt the NF200 chip. P6T Deluxe就是这样一块主板,它使用了BIOS内置密匙的方式来启用SLI。 P6T Deluxe is a motherboard that uses a built-in BIOS key way to enable SLI.

当然,仅仅只有BIOS密匙是不行的,缺少驱动的认证用户是无法打开SLI。 Of course, the only key BIOS does not work, the lack of user-driven certification is not open SLI. 一些早期拿到X58的评测者就表示过,使用老式驱动并不能启用SLI。 Some of the test X58 early to get those who said that the use of the old drive and can not enable SLI. 如果大家还记得Big Bang II的话,相信现在都想到了,Big Bang II就是一款全新的驱动,能够支持新一代的SLI。 If we still remember the Big Bang II, I believe that it is now thought of, Big Bang II is a new driver, to support a new generation of SLI. 在下面的截图上我们就能看到,在测试平台上用了64位的ForceWare 180.20驱动,相信正是这个Big Bang II,开启了X58的SLI大门。 In the following screenshot we can see that in the test platform with a 64-bit ForceWare 180.20 drivers, I believe this is the Big Bang II, opens the door to X58's SLI.

测试平台: Test platform:

CPU: Core i7-965 CPU: Core i7-965

Mobo: P6T Deluxe Mobo: P6T Deluxe

Memory: 1Gx2 DDR3 Unkown Memory: 1Gx2 DDR3 Unkown

VGA:2xGTX 280,2xGTX 260 VGA: 2xGTX 280,2 xGTX 260

OS: Vista 64bit OS: Vista 64bit

Driver: ForceWare 180.20 Driver: ForceWare 180.20



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i will do a better translation than Google...

Of course, getting X8859 in ORB is not a particularly high score, but it's the first SLI score that we have seen. It is worth noting that this is a score with no support of SLI. In 14 July, Nvidia said that the nForce 200 will be added to Intel's X58 of partner makers to enable SLI. Due to the high cost of nF200 and a redesign of the PCB is needed, many partners opposed to Nvidia's plan. in NVISION 08 on 28 Aug, Nvidia announced that they will use an authentication method, where a key is integrated into the BIOS. SLI can be enabled only when the key and certified driver are present. No nF200 and redesigned is required. P6T Deluxe is one such mobo with the integrated BIOS key.

Without the driver, the BIOS key means nothing. Early reviewers of X58 have said that old drivers cannot enable SLI. If everyone remember Big Bang II, this is probably the one. Big Bang II is an all new driver that supports SLI. As seen from the screenshot, Forceware 180.20 64-bits is used. We believe that this is Big Bang II, opening the door of SLI on X58.

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