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Nvidia unveils Quadro CX cards


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From The Inquirer

Acceleration at a price

By Sylvie Barak: Friday, 17 October 2008, 8:31 AM

TODAY NVIDIA UNVEILED its Quadro CX cards which it claims will act as an accelerator for Adobe Creative Suite 4 software.

Nvidia says it specifically designed and optimised the Quadro CX to up the performance on Adobe?s CS4 product line, allowing users to encode H.264 videos quicker with the Cuda plug in, RapiHD, from Elemental Technologies.

When using Premiere Pro, for instance, Quadro CX purportedly accelerates high-quality video effects like motion, opacity, colour, and image distortion and allows for faster editing of multiple high-definition video streams and graphic overlays. It also apparently gives the user several video output choices for high-quality preview, including DisplayPort, component TV, or uncompressed 10-bit or 12-bit SDI.

When it comes to Photoshop, the Quadro CX allows for real-time image rotation, zooming, and panning. The programme can also tap the GPU for on-screen compositing of 2D and 3D content, which Nvidia reckons gives smooth anti-aliased results, regardless of the zoom level. Brush resising, brushstroke preview, 3D movement, high-dynamic-range tone mapping, and colour conversion are also features touted by Nvidia as being accelerated by its GPU.

Veep of product management for Professional Digital Imaging at Adobe, Kevin Connor, noted ?Photoshop users are always looking for maximum performance, and we recognised that tapping into the power of the GPU is one way to give it to them?.

The cards are actually pretty much exactly the same as GT260 cards with two times more RAM which Nvidia plans to flog for around $2K. This means, you could probably just run CS4 with a $99 ATI card and get lesser acceleration but possibly better video encode. Nvidia admits that while it worked directly with Adobe to develop GPU acceleration code, all OpenGL 2.0 graphics cards including NVIDIA GeForce, NVIDIA Quadro, AMD Radeon and AMD FireGL will accelerate Adobe CS4. µ

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