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Connect LCD TV to laptop via d-sub

Guest Michael

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Guest Michael


I'm using ASUS F3Sg laptop with NV GeForce 9300M video card.

I want to display the signal from it on my LCD TV (Panasonic TX-26LE7P) which has HDMI, component and s-video inputs.

I tried S-Video connection but quality of the picture on TV was... let's say not good enough :)

My previous laptop had HDMI output so I bought hdmi-hdmi cable but it didn't work :)

Current laptop has DVI output so I bought dvi-hdmi cable but it doesn't work as well... :/

Laptop doesn't detect external display and on the TV there's just black screen.

I assumed that my TV doesn't support signal from PC via HDMI/DVI (that's what the wrote in the manual but I had to check it anyways)

Now my question is - is it possible to connect those devices using d-sub -> component connection?

What kind of cable would be required?

I've found some cables of this kind but the signal is from RCA to VGA and I suppose it should be other way round.

I've also read that my card must support component signal - how can I check if it does?

Thanks in advance for help.

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