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v180.42 Windows Vista 32bit | NVIDIA - Big Bang II

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hello !

It is again me !

Now I have finnaly downloaded theses drivers from here (my Internet conenction is so slow...) I installed them as I always do (I don't use Drivers Sweeper or anything else) and it has always work just very fine (thanks to your job).

But I have exactly the main problem has for the same drivers, but from the nVidia official website... it is about Far Cry 2: I have a windows completely black (exept the borders) and I just hear the sounds. So this is a display problem.

So, as the las time, I installed the previous one that I had: 179.13 and thex work well.

I am little bit upset because I am playing a wonderful game and I know by using the 180.42 drivers I'll have a much better Fram Rate (so I would be able to adjust some new and better settings about grahism)... I won't try again, and now that I see the 180.43 are available, I'll wait for the upload. I hope they'll work fine ! :)

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They weren't uploaded yet, I guess we'll have to wait.

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hahah okay *waits patiently...*

There on Nvidia site. You will have to mod yourself or use mobility modder. Or you can wait. :)



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After hours of researchers on the Internet, I filnaly came up the solution to the window ! Press ALT+ENTER to force the fullscreen... I am an idiot ! ^^

However I have to say that theses drivers didn't get me any great performances. It seems to be a little bit better thant the last one I used (179.13)... I hope that the 180.43 will bring a lot of performances ! The way it meant to be played !!! xD

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Guest ZenithNoesis

Has anyone tried playing Counter-Strike: Source with the 180.43, 180.42, 180.20 drivers? When I run the game, or the video stress test, on the same drivers that i get an average of 230-250FPS with all settings max except for MSSA @ 4x, on these drivers it never goes above 70 (my laptop's refresh rate is 60, vert. sync is turned off globally and in the game settings).


X9000 Extreme Core 2 Duo (3.0ghz OC'd)

Dual 8800M GTX SLI 1GB

2x200GB 7200 RPM Hitachi Hard Drives.

800MHz Dual Channel Memory

Final Note: I always clean uninstall my drivers by running ccleaner after uninstalling and rebooting.

Anything else you need to know? I know the drivers are in beta, but this is a huge performance hit. Happens with both sli off and on.

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Can't install it with my 9700M GTS.. Still stuck with 180.20.. ;;

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