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PhysX v8.10.13 is out


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These are included with 180.42.

I have extracted these and uploaded them separately for you guys to try with other drivers

PhysX v8.10.13

Some folk have experienced issues with this driver recognising their PhysX card.

A big thanks to Frosty the Snowman below has pointed a fix for it.

Remember this PhysX version was included with 180.42 and not a standalone driver.


Here's what you do. Don't uninstall the 8.09.04 physx driver.

Now that you have the 180.42 driver, install the new physx 8.10.13 while 8.09.04 is still installed. It will actually update the physx for you. The installer removes old files automatically that aren't necessary anymore as part of the update, then it will update to the new ones and at the same time will keep the driver for the card intact (current physx Ageia card driver is and has been since last year).

You will still have the "NVIDIA physx" separate control panel listed as you normally would in the windows control panel (sweet!), however if GPU physx is enabled on the 180.42 in the physx/sli tab of the Nvidia control panel, then you will see a message in the old "NVIDIA physx" settings tab that says "Configure GeForce Physx Settings in the Nvidia Control Panel".

To fix this, go to the new Nvidia controls for physx, select "Disable" for GPU physx, then go back to the old "NVIDIA physx" control panel and voila! Ageia physx is now available to select for you as normal. And it works properly too :) Tested on UT3 and works as normal on the Ageia PPU.

For the record, Ageia always made a point of saying in their updates "Don't uninstall the old physx software before you update". That tradition appears to have carried through to Nvidia, as I still have not uninstalled a physx package even though Nvidia are in charge now, and I have no problems with doing it this way. It updates every time for me without hassle, automatically removing old files first as necessary during the installer and finally it updates to the new files.

Have fun :)

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