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Punkbuster error because of my Nvidia driver?


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i am from germany and not a native english speaker, so sry for any mistakes!

I am using a Geforce Go 6100 in my Laptop.

I have downloaded the following driver "178.24_vista" and put the inf int it.

When i start BF2 Multiplayer everything is nice, but after 10-20 seconds punkbuster kicks me out of the game and

says not allowed driver detectet..... but i downloaded a certified driver, where is the problem and how can i solve it?


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Hello Noverbal. Welcome to the forum! :) Your question is of great relevance -- therefore I decided to 'pin' it immediately! :P

What you experienced had in my opinion absolutely NOTHING to do with the Nvidia driver, but was rather Punkbuster itself screaming about an old version of the Punkbuster component in your installed BF2. Luckily there is an easy solution. :rofl: Just look over HERE at Evenbalance, and download the Punkbuster setup program [PBsetup] in the version which matches your operating system and install it. Start the program. With "Add a Game" the program lists all games that make use of Punkbuster. Just go through the list and add each game you happen to have installed. Then perform a "Check for Updates". That will update each of your added games in one pass, bringing each up to the newest level. Don't be surprised if you see that all the games are not at the same level, as that is a function of whatever the firms own server is running. So have fun, and let us know if things worked out for you. Oh, by the way, you'll have to fire up PBsetup once in a while and let it perform a "Check for Updates" so that things stay tiptop.

Sooooo....and now once again in good ol' german.

Hallo Noverbal. Willkommen ins Forum! :P Deine Frage ist von großer Tragweite -- deshalb habe ich es gleich 'angeheftet'! :thumbsup:

Du hättest ruhig in unsere Sektion "Diskussion in Deutsch" schrieben können, aber ich Versuchs hier für Dich und übersetzte auch noch, da Deine Frage durchaus für alle Andere interessant sein dürfte.

Was Du erlebt hast, hat meines Wissens absolut NICHTS mit dem Nvidia Treiber zu tun, sondern das Punkbuster mosert das Deine in BF2 installierten Punkbuster Komponente nicht mehr auf dem neuesten Stand sind. Da gibt es glücklicherweise eine einfache Abhilfe. :thumbsup: Schau mal HIER bei Evenbalance rein, und lade Dir das Punkbuster Setup Programm [PBSetup] runter, und zwar in den, Deinen System entsprechenden Version und installiere es. Starte das Programm. Mit "Add a Game" bekommst Du eine Liste alle Spiele die Punkbuster nutzen. Gehe durch die Liste und addiere nacheinander alle Spiele den Du installiert hast. Dann anschließend machst Du "Check for Updates". Da werden ALLE Deine addierten Spiele nacheinander auf den jeweils neuesten Stand gebracht. Die Spiele sind nicht immer auf denselben Stand, je nach dem was der Firmenserver geladen hat. Viel Spaß, und Lass uns wissen ob es geklappt hat. Übrigens, Du muss PBsetup gelegentlich starten und nochmals den "Check for Updates" ausführen lassen damit alles in Butter bleibt.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to clone this thread easily over into the German Discussion area. :) Just have to do it the hard way.

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update punkbuster??? :)


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You doubt my words! :) :)

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hi, thx for ur answer,

i downloaded pb and added BF2, but when i click on "check for updates", it always stops by "downloading kc002124.html.zp"......

what can i do?

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OK. That would seem to indicate that we are on the right track, and that Nvidia is not the problem after all. :) I read there was a Punkbuster update recently for BF2, so it would appear that the update function is actually trying to do its job. As to why it stops during the download, there are tons of reasons:

  • Your drive may be low on space. That should be easy to fix.
  • You may be having problems with a port through your router. That is not quite so simple, but there are guidelines for BF2 on the Evenbalence site (see link below).
  • There may be a privilege problem. Try doing the PBsetup run while under a user with administrative priviledges.
  • Or any of a host of other problems.

If you go all the way down to the bottom of the Evenbalance site page where I mentioned you can download PBsetup, you'll find a "web-based trouble-ticket system" that you can use to ask about your specifric problem. Probably the last resort. There is also an extensive FAQ section available there specifically for BF2 problems (Frequently Asked Questions about PunkBuster for Battlefield 2 ). It may be too much for your english, but so far you seem to be doing quite well. :)

Please let us know what happens, it should be of interest to many others.

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i added the port in the router, but it didnt help :-(,

but then i downloaded the Programm "Enditall" and i killed every prozess with it and now it works:-)

I dunno which programm it was , but i think it was quip, when i will find it out i will tell u .

Btw which "treiber" i dunno the english word, would be the best for my grafic chip i am using a Geforce Go 6100.

Thx for ur help :-)

Darmdorf: Please ask that last question in a separate thread over in the support section.

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