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acer 5520 1.8ghz 254mb nivida 7000m help plz im a real n00b


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acer aspire 5520

vista home premuim

2gb ram

256mb nivida 7000m/610

1.8ghz amd athlon x2 dual core

I would like some help hopefully from someone with the same laptop, i have been trying to run games that are not that demanding with no luck id like to know if this is normal? I have installed 7792 driver update with no change.ive been trying to play games like lego batman,minuim specs 800x600 resolution.still no luck.the problem being it lags real bad ,like it slow motion.fps youd say (im a n00b with no tec terms) the windows idex score is 2 for this game and i score 3.1 with aero. I know this is not very reliable but i have also had the same problem with spore,that I just meet requirements for,and even games like the hardy brother hidden theft seem to lag not as bad but seem very jerky at times and even shxt games like big fish ones. (again nothing like lego or spore)also had freezes in playback for hd x264 like every five minutes on zoom ,vlc,and media player? it seems like the processor cant handle it or something.is this normal for this card? as it played lego indiana jones and kung fu panda with no problem when i first got it? I have since tryed putting xp on it and screwed up the mbr for vista i think, as it will only let me format with backup discs not empowering tecnology. but i dont care about that,just mention incase its relavate.do you think ive damaged something like my card or motherboard? tryed amd optimizer also.

wat id like to know is anyone out there that has the same model that can name games they have played with no problems,without overclocking.so I can compare? ive recently only bought it so if its a internal problem id like a exchance. plz no silly answers like its a crap card that not designed to play games as ive been trying for answers for weeks, and i already know this. but still expect to play some games that basic built in ones can not.

p.s ive also exprienced artifacts on screen in lego batman like the cross for closing a page top right hand of the screen flashing up like every 20 seconds and has had messages before in toolbar saying something about my graphics card having encontered a error, and try for a solution online but does not find one?

and it did crash with the zig zag line once but the laptop was unattended just there when i got back and was not running any games?


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Okay, a key question here is what are your gpu and cpu temps then I can make some deductions from there.

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hey your windows vista make sure the games ur downloading are for windowsta other wize thats were that laggs comeing from and for the low fps make sure u change ur bite to 1 if ur useing 600X800

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