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Toshia X205-SLi6 performance question.

Stanislav Kukov

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I'm running Vista Ultimate 32-bit, 3GB RAM, Dual GeForce 8600M GT 512MB. and 965 chipset (i presume).

I am getting in 3dMark06 about 7200-7400 and i still think this is the lower possible end for this kind of laptop sli rig. The Drivers I am using are 176.26 and they have been downloaded automatically when i went in Device Manager and clicked update driver software. Still it's not doing the right job.

A phunny fact: I was using the guide in one of the pinned topics how to cleanly change my drivers - though not working, the moment i restart my machine and log into windows it starts automatically to detect drivers and so on, i switched off the automatic drivers search and still it persists. Used the small programme for cleaning and it bugs because of some registry files that cannot be removed due to usage of windows probably.

So, if there is anyone with experience with X205-SLi6, iwould be greatful to have any specific details on how i can obtain the full potential of my machine ... and mayb someone tells me what is that potential at least theoretically. Thanks a million.

Stanislav Kukov


The last drivers i tested were: 176.26

(All settings default, except resolution - 1280x800)

3dmark06 result: 8083

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