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v180.43 Windows Vista 32bit | NVIDIA - Far Cry II

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please dont post replies like this, read the FAQ's or use the search function to know how to get ALL drivers to your mobile card... :) :)

Sry for posting here:( i did not know..

So i guess my card is supported just fine provided i use the modded inf right?

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Does anyone else get a "How did you end up here? Please go back and try again" when attempting to download the driver?

yes, me. But only with Firefox 2 and 3. Everything ok with IE :)

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I have download and followed the Method for windows vista and i get that it is not installed however in my device manager the version updated. Then i run far cry 2, and it starts to flip.. i can't play anything.. what did I do wrong? why is it not successfull installed?

I got the NVIDIA 9600M GT 512mb ram.

Thanks in advantage.

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Hey Guys!!! got a question ( or two ):

- works it with my 8600m gt (mobile)?

- is this driver stable? does anyone have problems?

(want to try it - love far cry 2...but hopefully it works fine with everything else...?)



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I suggest you try the 180.70 with the modded inf (so your gpu is supported.)

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The most stable drivers for that laptop for me are the old 174.74. I used them for about 6 months. Everything works with them, and the temps run low. The onlyissue I had was with Crysis but I think most people would relate to taht.

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It is completely free my friend ! Of course ! ^^

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