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Resolution on Second Display, Need Help!


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Hi all! New to this forum but I am very impressed with level of knowledge and help I have seen. I have an HP dv5t with 9600gt and blu-ray player. I have installed the latest Vista 64 bit drivers from this site (180.42) and they work great. I am attempting to connect the laptop to my Sony STR5300ES A/V receiver via HDMI. I have been able to get the connection established, switch the display to the external and single monitor. Unfortunately, the max (and only) resolution available is 800x600 at 32 bit color. It sees the receiver as "Sony AVR." Nothing I do offers me the ability to change the resolution.

I confirmed the plasma display is not at fault by connecting the laptop directly to the display and it works as expected with all the usual display resolution options. The issue definitely lies with the Sony receiver/laptop connection via HDMI. I am completely frustrated and need some help!!!

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Has it worked properly with any other drivers?

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I have had similar issues with my sony receiver. (STR-DG1000) I have seen reports of this on other forums too.

You should be able to force 1080p over it. Use the custom resolution page in the nvidia control panel.

I'm going to do some testing on mine soon and I'll report back if/how I fix it.

The last time I tried hooking my laptop up to it I had much older drivers. Maybe these newer ones are better at handling HDMI.

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i tried originally with stock HP drivers and had no luck. Where can I find the custom resolution page? I do not see that in the nvidia control panel?? I read it should be under "Display" and it is not one of the options. Does the laptop need to be connected to the amp for it to show up?

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