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To Control LED & wlan switch button (atheros ar5008)


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I'm using MSI S271 laptop, and i removed the original ralink wlan, and installed ar5008 5416 wlan.

The new ar5008 wlan works fine.

But the wlan switch button and LED on my laptop doesn?t work.

The wlan switch button just on/off the LED Light as it is clicked, but the ar5008 is always on. Even if I manually turn of the RF signal in the adapter driver?s advanced property tab, the LED light doesn?t change.

Is it possible to link the LED status to the RF on/off status?

And is it possible to control the RF on/off status with the wlan switch button in my laptop?

The wlan switch button at my msi s271 laptop does not invoke any programs to control the wlan on/off, it might directly control the H/W I/O through the BIOS.

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I submit my post to the topic - i recently changed intel 4965agn to ar5008 and need Fn-F6 to work :)

LED working, changed couple of driver, well - it's not blinking when activity, but that doesn't matters for me :)

I just need wireless on/off via fn button.

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Does the modded (Pairty fix) driver made the LED work ?

I set the LEds' to work on my i9400 but different Notebooks will have different results.

The FN key switch I thought would still work, for me FN+F2 still work on my i9400

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Yes, modded driver made my LED to work :)

FN key is not working for me - i too think it's somehow in BIOS, or what?

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Mine FN key works but you can enable the keys in the BIOS so have a look there first, as it also does the Bluetooth

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HKR,, linkLEDFunc, 0, "49"

HKR,, activityLEDFunc, 0, "51"

HKR,, connectionLEDFunc, 0, "55"

The 3 connection LED functions, I only use HKR,, linkLEDFunc, 0, "55" in my INFs as it works best for me.

HKR, , gpioLedCustom, 0x00002, "1"

HKR, , gpioPinFunc0, 0x00002, "1"

HKR, , gpioPinFunc1, 0x00002, "2"

HKR, , gpioFunc0ActHi, 0x00002, "1"

HKR, , gpioFunc1ActHi, 0x00002, "0"

This may help you situation with the funcion keys (or not)

Happy fiddling

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Had someone found a solution to that problem? I've recently purchased AR928X card and now my wireless switch doesn't turn it off.

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