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Unable to install. Different OS/software language?


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Just joined your website myself and it looks very promising at first sight. Downloaded your software but i'm unable to install it. While my OS is english it gives me a dutch error msg trying to install the software, saying it has not found any drivers compatible with the hardware.

Running Dell 1710 duo 1.8

NVDIA 8600m GT 512MB

Any solutions?

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Please firstly read guides!

You need to download the modded INF file and put it in the driver folder, then install again.

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Sucessfully updated the drivers and works like a charm. However it didn't solve the problem i have been having of late.

Since a good week while playing WoW i've been getting these 'ripples' over my screen and visual performance has really decreased.

Even with the new updated drivers i still have those problems.

Any idea what it could be?

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I never played WoW but setting its graphic settings to a lower level should help increasing performance. Also, if there's an option called VSync in the options, enabling it should remove the ripples (if I understood right what you mean by ripples).

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