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Guest MonkeyMhz

Ugh, ever week or so 2-3 weeks I clean out my laptop clean the screen, dust out the keyboard.etc. Not really heavy duty but just a quick 5-15 min cleanup.

Anyways, I have a LG R500 Duel Express Series, its great. However yesterday when i sprayed out the fans of dust on the bottom. I noticed the lid over the ram door has 2 screws, these screws were scratched. Kinda wearing down. I thought i mgiht as well open the ram area to make sure those screws rnt stuck or anything. I took a screw driver that looks like this +, cuz thats what the screws there are. But when i put it in and turned a tiny bit i knew that it didnt seem to fit as well as it should. So i quickly went and changed the screwdriver im using to a - flathead. And that worked well. The screws arent stripped or anything but they are wearing down, the ram door comes off easily and its nice to access. Anyways i put the screws back, a bit less tighter than they originally were cuz I want them replaced. I dont wanna risk leaving those screws getting scratched more and then literally being screwed if i ever have to take the RAM out or put more in. Im thinking within the next 3-5 months to upgrade to a better quality 4gb ram. Possibly with the cooling plates (strips of metal that go over ram). So this consirned me, stupid thing i noticed is most of the screws on the laptop are flat on top but those are curved making them more vulnrable to being warn down. Most ppl wouldent think anything of it, i showed my friend and hes like wtf he had to look closely lol. But im obsessed with stuff like this (every screw is black but that one has lil scratch silver on it and a tiny bit warn) so I have a couple steps Ill do to get my screws back to normal. First im gonna email LG tell them I want replacement screws. Im still under the warranty, but if I have to pay a bit thats ok too. If that plan fails, ill go to my local hardware store and see if they can match that screw with a identical one or something like it. I should be able to replace them. Aside from that it seems good they never needed really any strong force to get them out, the screws do feel week though. Its like their composit or somthing, not pure metal. A buddy of mine said they might do that on purpose in case if it ever did get really jammed in there you can easily forcefully push ur own markings in to pull the screw out, or if worst came to worst, use a drill! lol and drill teh screw to powder.

Lol thank god mines not stripped but just scratched. Anyways its no big deal but its one of the things on my list to do for my laptop before I buy myself my *uber* desktop PC at the end of this year.

List Of Things to do for laptop:

1. Replace Scratched Screws Over Ram door.

2. Get 4GB *quality ram*.

3. Get a laptop cooler (from what i hear the zalman is good, its usb. But the reviews say good things, but ill try to get non USB or one that offers both).

4. Duplicate my current laptop hard drive (200gb) on to a bigger one (300+GB).

This post is really pointless just wondering if any of you have had simular things, or are quality obsessed like me. lol.

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I never paid attention to screws... I'm obsessed about keeping my lappy clean tough (it's white, E500). I hate it when my gf eats baking while browsing her forums and pieces fall in keyboard or she points with fingers on my glare screen lol >.> I usually open it each two weeks and clean the keyboard & cooler, then polish the screen with LCD cleaning wipes.

I think any upgrading of laptop (besides MXM) is pointless, at least in my country, where laptop parts prices are sky-high and hard to obtain and a slight boost for adding those 2 gigs of ram ain't worth the price... And I think I am a type of a gamer so I rather buy a new laptop with a better GPU every 2-3 years than upgrade it.

You mean a cooling pad? Then get the Zalman ZM-NC1000, it's the best thing you can get now. It has two fans running at up to 1500 rpm's so it's not noisy. Also it has better looks than the most of current obtainable pads.

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Thanks, but here those 4GB of Laptop ram are dirt cheap it will cost me about 40-60$ for the highest quality RAM. lol. Its really a cheap upgrade,

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U said, beside MXM. In my opinion MXM is completely pointless. Its soo expensive that its just not worth it. You'd be better off buying a new pc than MXM.

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