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Laptop screen will not turn off when closing lid


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Information needed for the registration process @ LaptopVideo2Go


DEV_ID : 0098

SUBSYS_ID : 019C1028

VIDEO BIOS version : v5.

VIDEO BIOS date : 2005-12-01 (pls. convert that to a readable format: YYYY-MM-DD)

Laptop Brand : Dell Inc.

Laptop Model : MP061


VIDEO RAM : 256.0 MB

LCD Resolution : 1920 x 1200 pixels (native)

LCD display size : " 3700 x 2300mm (approximately 17.2")"

internal LCD name : SEC5557

SYSTEM BIOS version : DELL - 27d7061b\0Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A09\0\0

SYSTEM BIOS date : 2007-06-27 (pls. convert that to a readable format: YYYY-MM-DD)

Hello everyone :-)

Well let me describe my system and then I will explain my problem.

Laptop Make/Model: Dell Inspiron 9400

Driver Version = 11/12/2007, (From INF file used for setup)

Operating System: Windows XP SP3

My current issue is that when i close the lid on my laptop, the screen stays on for a long while before turning off.

When I check the Power Options Properties (Advanced Tab) and look at the "When I close the lid on my portable computer" the only options I have are:

  • Do nothing
  • Stand by

If I check different options within Quickset, there is nothing about what to do when I close the lid.

I have done numerous searches within this Forum and Google and the only thing I can find is that since I am not using the Dell Drivers (dated 1/18/2006), the feature will not be available.

I cannot seem to get the upload attachment to work so I am linking to it instead: http://www.killq.net/LaptopVideo2Go_LogFile.txt.

Error Upload failed. Please ask the administrator to ensure the uploads directory is writeable

I have all BIOS updates and hardware driver updates, short of the Video Card drivers being a few months old.

I am going to attempt to update drivers to nVIDIA ForceWare X 176.53 but since I have written all this up I wanted to post it while I try to fail some more :)

Thanks for any possible assistance!

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