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Nvidia control panel doesnt work + mouse stuttering


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I just downloaded the latest drivers (180.43) from this site and my score went better in 3dmark06. I'm guessing thats a good thing.

Unfortunatly my Nvidia control panel doesnt work anymore, it gives me this message (translated to english as I own a dutch windows xp):

The NVIDIA Screen(expansion?) can not be made

Possible reasons:

Versions dont match, possibly reinstalling drivers of the screendrivers might solve this problem.

Srry for this bad translation :)

I suppose I need to install a newer version of it, can I just download it from the NVIDIA's site? Or is the NVIDIA control panel not supported anymore after installing the drivers from laptopvideo2go?

Also, my mouse is acting kinda weird since I installed these drivers. It stutters from time to time and its quite annoying. How can I solve it?

I own a custom made laptop with a 9800GTX 1gig. Windows xp 32bit is installed aswell

pls help as im kinda new to this

P.S. My apologies if this is a double post. I searched the forum but couldnt find any info on it.

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This is a well known problem with this driver (lack of cp, not so sure about the mouse stuttering issue). Remember this isn't a regarded as a bug free driver and these problems have been known to occur with this driver. To resolve this problem you can try other drivers, maybe 178.13 or 178.24.

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